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We have many years of experience in import and domestic distribution of cardiovascular medical devices industry!

Endotech, founded in 1995, is based in Como and operates in medical devices and equipments fields.

The company is recognized as the market leader in the distribution of highly innovative technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease for which no effective therapies currently exist. Endotech's history is marked by the launch of products that have become the "gold standard" in Italy for the treatment and cure of certain cardiovascular diseases, and which were then acquired by large American multinationals. The company employs doctors internationally renowned for selecting and evaluating scientific and clinical products. Endotech wants to be the ideal Partner for distribution, promotion and development of innovative medical devices and equipment in the field of cardiovascular disease for the Italian market, using a commercial structure, technical and sales support professional, competent and with a widespread presence throughout the national territory.

Endotech wants to give the doctor the best clinical solution in order to improve the quality and save the lives of their patients, offering innovative medical technologies that are easy to use, which constitute a minimally invasive surgical approach, supported by clinical data and cost effectiveness, coming from all over the world. Another distinguishing factor and successful Endotech structure is the high professionalism of the technical/Clinical Division able to collaborate effectively with companies represented and ensuring excellent support directly to physicians clinical users.

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